Official Earth Action of UN on World Environment Day, 2022, Promotes Book Editing Project by Harmony Liu

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Official Earth Action of UN on World Environment Day, 2022, Promotes Book Editing Project by Harmony Liu

Official Earth Action of UN on World Environment Day, 2022, Promotes Book Editing Project by Harmony Liu


【Peace News Agency, reporter liuwenyi Today, the reporter learned,On the 50th Anniversary of World Environment Day, June 5, 2022, an official event accepted as an Earth Action by UN Environment Programme in support of this significant anniversary announced that Harmony Liu, Secretary-General of the World Harmony Foundation Youth Council, as Youth Reporter of Ask Congress Web TV will be Editor-in-Chief, and working with expert to translate into Mandarin, of Richard Jordan's volume "History of UN Non-Governmental Organizations 1982-2022".

 Harmony Liu also was recently appointed as unofficial "youth ambassador of good will for the ocean" for the United Church of Christ W.H.A.L.E. Center.

Mr. Richard Jordan is Dean of UN NGOs over 40 years and has chosen Harmony Liu to assume this important position because of her writing and speaking skills, and exact nature of her creative writing abilities.

 Among the 5,499 projects on UNEP's map that commemorate World Environment Day today, June 5, 2022, there are only about half a dozen that have been proposed in the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island.

Long Island has been for many years the land of indigenous peoples. The Long Island Star Journal's Sunday edition 60 years ago used to have an entire section devoted to the history of indigenous peoples on Long Island.

 Flushing is now home to the most vibrant Chinese community in America. The Dutch presence in America gave us Flushing as the home of religious freedom in America (the Flushing Remonstrance) and press freedom in America (the trial of John Peter Zenger).

Yet now young leaders like Harmony Liu already have a long background in linking culture to environmental protection and climate action. Harmony Liu will also be working with Richard Jordan on a project to be based in St. Petersburg, Florida, due to Harmony's recorded video invited to the World Women's Water Forum at the Dushanbe, Tajikistan International Water Summit from June 6-9, 2022Harmony is a junior in Jericho High School and is applying to a number of Ivy League colleges,  and using her creative writing ability to bring a knowledge of the history of UN Non-governmental organization representatives (NGOs) to the more than 7,500 organizations that have some type of status within the UN system.

The translation of the book into Mandarin further opens up Harmony's multi-cultural ability to bridge cultures.

 Her work on behalf of Congressional representatives on Long Island, such as the environmentalist Hon. Tom Suozzi, has also demonstrated her multi-faceted interest in what once was called "civics".Harmony also learned about local government and the workings of the US Congress from her conversations with Hon. Lester Wolff, who was 103 years old congressman lived in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

Now, on World Environment Day, Harmony has joined with the Dean of UN NGOs in New York, Mr. Richard Jordan, to become Editor-in-Chief of Mr. Jordan's tribute to NGOs, "A History of NGOs at the UN, 1982-2022."

For over 8,500 days, Richard Jordan has come to the United Nations and walked past the great iron fencing surrounding the UN campus that was made and installed by the iron-smithing workshop of Mr. Set Agonian in Woodside, New York. 8 AM to 6 PM on most days, as a volunteer.

Mr. Jordan stated that he has asked Harmony Liu to accept the assignment this summer of editing this book, as well as translating this history into Mandarin, for the Chinese audience in New York and environs, but also in China, which Mr. Jordan visited 18 times over the last 20 years.

 It is believed that this will be the first book by a UN NGO representative translated into Mandarin.

Richard has stated that due to Harmony's involvement in finding solutions to the triple environmental crisis identified by UNEP and the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, of climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution and waste, there would be no one better than Harmony Liu to assume this assignment.

"Not only is Harmony an activist, but Harmony, whom Richard Jordan has known for her entire life, has worked on Long Island to help promote the Hon. Lester Wolff Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Lester, who died in 2021 at the age of 2021, also knew Harmony and encouraged her to assume more and more of a leadership role in environmental protection." The Refuge was approved by a joint declaration of Congress and signed into law by former President Donald Trump.

 H.R.H. Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite also invited Harmony to create a 4-minute video presentation for the World Women's Water Forum that will be held on June 6, 2022 at the Dushanbe World Water Summit.

As an articulate representative of the generation that can only look to other youth from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, such as Severn Suzuki, as role models, Harmony Liu is welcoming her leadership role in moving the future to a more resilient societal vision where every person accepts their responsibility in creating a healthy, Ecozoic human and planetary civilization.


联合国环保署于202265日在世界环境日开展保护地球的官方活动,推进Harmony Liu的书籍撰写项目


202265日世界环境日50周年纪念日,联合国环保署计划接手这一重要周年纪念日的正式活动,宣布世界和谐基金会秘书长Harmony Liu作为青年委员会Ask国会网络电视的记者将担任总编辑,并与专家合作,将理查德·乔丹(Richard Jordan)的《联合国非政府组织历史1982 - 2022年》翻译成汉语。

Harmony Liu最近还被W.H.A.L.E.联合教会中心认命为“致力于海洋保护的非正式青年慈善小大使”。

理查德·乔丹(Richard Jordan)先生担任联合国非政府组织的院长已长达40年,之所以选择Harmony Liu担当这一重要职责,是因为对她良好的写作与语言组织技能、尤其她创造性写作天赋的恳切赞赏。


曾经,长岛一直为当地土著人民所生息。 60年前,《长岛杂志》的《周日版》曾经在长岛上专门介绍了土著人民的历史。


如今,现在像Harmony Liu这样将文化与环境保护和气候行动联系起来的年轻一代领袖已经有了很强的行动力。Harmony Liu还将与理查德·乔丹(Richard Jordan)合作—— 该项目将邀请Harmony202266日至9日举行的塔吉克斯坦国际水上峰会上录制视频。

Harmony LiuJericho高中的一名高三学生,目前正在申请多个常春藤联盟大学,她将发挥她的创造性写作能力,将非政府组织代表(NGO)及联合国近7500多个非政府组织的历史展现给人们。


她为长岛的国会代表,例如环保主义者而工作,甚至连知名国会议员汤姆·索齐(Tom Suozzi)也表现出了对她曾经言的“公民”的强烈兴趣。

Harmony Liu还曾通过与当时103岁高龄的莱斯特·沃尔夫(Lester Wolff)议员的交谈,了解了地方政府和美国国会的运作。

如今,在世界环境日,Harmony Liu与纽约联合国非政府组织的院长理查德·乔丹(Richard Jordan)先生一道,担任向非政府组织致敬——“联合国非政府组织1982 -2022历史”的主编。

在超过8500天的日子里,理查德·乔丹(Richard Jordan)曾作为志愿者来到联合国,绝大多数日子都是在早上6点到晚上8点之前,经过了围绕纽约伍德赛德(Woodside)的联合国校园的大铁栅栏。

乔丹先生说,他已要求Harmony Liu在今年夏天共同编辑这本书,并将这段历史讲述给生活在纽约到中国民众,同时也将在对中国的发行中将这本书的语言转换成普通话,在过去的20年中,约旦先生已18次修订这本书。


理查德(Richard)表示,由于Harmony Liu曾参与寻由UNEP和联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯(Antonio Guterres)先生主办的寻找三重环境危机方案、气候危机,生物多样性损失以及塑料污染和浪费解决方案的活动,没有人比她更适合承担这项任务。

Harmony并非一个简单的激进主义者,而且Richard Jordan一直都在了解与关注Harmony Liu的成长——她在长岛工作,以促进Lester Wolff 的国家野生动物保护区工作,Lester Wolff 曾鼓励她在环境保护中扮演越来越多的领导角色。后来,该国家野生动物保护区得到了国会联合宣布批准,并由前总统唐纳德·特朗普签署写入法律。

H.R.H. Nisreen El-Hashemite博士还邀请Harmony Liu为世界妇女水论坛创建了4分钟的视频演示,该视频将于202266日在杜桑贝世界水上峰会举行。


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